Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spaghetti Sauce

I LOVE spaghetti sauce. As a matter of fact, I love it so much, I could forgo the pasta and just eat the sauce. This is a simple marinara sauce with no meat. It does take a while, but it makes A LOT. I usually freeze in 1 qt containers so that I can use in recipes later. One thing I'd like to try next time I defrost a batch is to add 1 cup cream and puree to make a tomato soup and have with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. MMMMMMMMMMMMM...Winter is coming!!!

Spaghetti Sauce

2 Tbs. olive oil
1 medium onion, small dice
1 medium green pepper, small dice
5 cloves of garlic, minced
salt & pepper
6 28 oz cans crushed or pureed tomatoes
1/4 Cup Italian seasoning blend
2 bay leaves
3 tbs spicy mustard
3 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs GOOD tomato paste

Sweat onion, green pepper and garlic in the 2 tbs of olive oil. When translucent, add the 6 cans of tomatoes. Bring to a boil, and reduce heat. Add italian seasoning, bay leaves, mustard, sugar and tomato paste. Incorporate well. Allow to simmer about 2 hours before tasting. Stir often to avoid scorching the bottom. At the 2 hour mark, taste it and adust seasons (salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, etc). If you add more spices or adjust, allow one more hour for cooking. If perfect, you can stop here!

At this point, I separate out into 6 1 qt containers for freezing.

When I thaw I use it the following ways:

1. Brown 1 lb. ground meat (beef, chicken, turkey) add thawed sauce and warm up. Serve over favorite pasta.

2. Brown 1 lb of chicken breast strips, add 1 green pepper, 1 onion (both sliced in strips), add sauce and simmer until peppers & onions are soft. YUMMY Chicken Cacciatore. Okay, i call it Chicken Kristadorey b/c that's my maiden name....but that's an aside! :D

3. Brown 1 lb. ground meat (see above). Add sauce, 1 can of drained beans (kidney, red, etc). Add 3 tbs chili powder. Bring to boil, reduce and simmer until well flavored. Serve over rice with cheese.

4. Tomato soup as stated above - I have NOT tried this one yet, but I think I will be giving it a try soon!!!


At 7:51 AM , Blogger KFarmer said...

that sounds perfect for the girls and I to make this fall and put in the freezer. We always like to make stuff in bulk and put away for later. Thanks for the recipe!

BTW- if you were not to use the Italian seasoning, what could you use instead? I have lots of herbs, but no Italian seasoning.

At 2:21 PM , Blogger kbabe1968 said...

:) Your welcome! Please let me know if you like it! I thrive on other's approval of me (LOL :D).

For the Italian Seasoning, if you cannot find it or don't want to buy it...use equal parts dried oregano, basil and parsley. I have in the past made up a "batch" of it and put in a spice jar b/c I couldn't find it or it was too expensive for that week.


At 9:11 AM , Blogger KFarmer said...

As luck would have it, I went grocery shopping yesterday and remembered to buy IS, along with the other stuff. But I do like knowing how to make due when I run out :) Thanks!

At 9:20 AM , Blogger kbabe1968 said...

:) so glad to help!

At 2:02 PM , Blogger Adopted Son said...

Very good spaghetti sauce.

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